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Susegana, 18/07/2018

Disclosure pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the processing of personal data and prepared in compliance with Articles 12 – 13 of the GDPR and communications pursuant to Articles 15-22 of the GDPR
In compliance with the provisions of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (hereafter only GDPR) OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 regarding the protection of individuals on the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of this data, we inform you that your data will be processed by Bralco Srl, with registered office in Susegana (TV), Via Luigi Einaudi, 1.
Pursuant to the GDPR, this company is the data controller of the processing of your personal data, in accordance with Article 4 paragraph 7, and you can get in touch with the it by general mail at the above address or by the following email address: privacy@bralco.it .

1. Purpose of the processing (Article 13 paragraph 1 letter c)
Personal data will be processed by the controller for the following purposes:
– Sale of supplies/office furniture
– Administrative management and accounting support
– Direct marketing activities to offer new types of supplies/office furniture (using e-mails, newsletters, invitations to events, etc.)
2. Legal basis of the processing (Article 13 paragraph 1 letter c)
The above processing is needed for:
– The execution of a contract with the data subject or pre-contractual measures used at the request of the data subject (Article 6, paragraph 1, letter B)
– The pursuit of the legitimate interests of Bralco Srl or third parties (Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f)
3. Categories of data recipients (Article 13, paragraph 1, letter e)
– Labour tax consultants for the correct management of legal administrative obligations.
– Transport companies and shipping companies for the delivery of products purchased by the data subject or for transfer/collection of goods sold by the data subject.
– Hosting service provider for the correct data retention
– Web agency for the correct management of the dealer area, subscription to the newsletters, access to the “Contact us” area and the “Work with us” area on the Bralco Srl website.
The Data Controller has no interest in transferring personal data of the data subject to third countries or international organizations.
4. Period of personal data retention (Article 13, paragraph 2, letter a)
All personal data will be retained for:
– Ten years from the last stipulated contract
– One year from the date of issuance of the offer, for all pre-contractual relationships not followed by the formalisation of a contract between the parties.
– Three months from receipt of curriculums/spontaneous applications/requests for inclusion in web directories
5. Rights of the data subject (Article 13, paragraph 2, letter b)
The interested person at any time has the possibility of:
– Requesting access to personal data and related information
– Requesting the correction or deletion of the aforementioned data
– Requesting processing limitation
– Requesting the opposition to processing
– Lodging a complaint to the supervisory authority, according to the procedures indicated on the website: www.garanteprivacy.it (Article 13, paragraph 2, letter d).

All the rights listed above may be exercised by the data subject, by sending a general letter or e-mail to the following e-mail address: privacy@bralco.it , indicating in the subject “Exercise of rights pursuant to the GDPR …… .. “and inserting instead of the dots the right that the data subject wishes to exercise.
Once the procedure is processed, the Data Controller will send a reply to the data subject.
The right of opposition and the right of deletion cannot be immediately exercised by the data subject in the event that the processing of the same data is a legal or contractual obligation.
If the Data Controller intends to process the personal data of the data subject for a purpose other than that indicated in paragraph 1, he will provide information for that different purpose, obtaining, in this case, specific consent (Article 13, paragraph 3).