Each space requires its own furniture. Especially in the office. Be inspired and find out how best to furnish different workspaces.
Each Bralco collection is an innovative project that adds a new dimension to furniture and provides an original enhancement. Find out more.

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Common spaces

Common spaces

The environment around us has a direct influence on how we feel and act – and this is especially true in the workplace. Common spaces within companies traditionally arise from practical necessities.

Common spaces

But as awareness grows that functional solutions do not necessarily promote wellbeing, more and more companies are creating workspaces whose primary focus is nurturing well-being.

In the modern office, common spaces are not exclusively functional spaces or dedicated areas for unwinding between project work and the next meeting. Rather, they’re dedicated spaces where staff can switch off and unwind, as well as fostering creativity in a more relaxed setting, as well spaces for less formal meetings. This means that common areas have now become a strategic necessity and must be furnished with care. With their customizable finishes and colours, the high tables, low tables and furniture for common areas designed by Bralco are perfect for creating the shared spaces required by today’s companies.