Each space requires its own furniture. Especially in the office. Be inspired and find out how best to furnish different workspaces.
Each Bralco collection is an innovative project that adds a new dimension to furniture and provides an original enhancement. Find out more.

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Outline Reception


Gianantonio Perin
Monica Fernandes

Your reception are is your company’s business card: it showcases your business’s identity and values. At Bralco, we are well aware of the importance of this piece of furniture, so we’ve created a line of customisable solutions to ensure a look of great exclusivity to entrances and reception areas.

Our reception desks are designed to perform different functions: registering visitors, directing them to staff members, and providing information, all with first-rate ergonomics to make tasks easier.
You can choose the shape and functionality of your reception desk to best serve the needs of any type of business.

Design, materials and aesthetic solutions combine to create a strong identity and impeccable style. Attention to detail is what makes the difference, ensuring every composition is both stylish, exclusive and functional.



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