Each space requires its own furniture. Especially in the office. Be inspired and find out how best to furnish different workspaces.
Each Bralco collection is an innovative project that adds a new dimension to furniture and provides an original enhancement. Find out more.

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Pcon Planner

Crea i tuoi progetti

pCon planner is professional software that allows rendering with realistic quality, perfectly supporting every idea and need of the creative designer. Designing a Bralco office in 3D has never been easier.

3D projects

Want to start a new project from scratch? Do you want to start with an existing project reference? In any event, pCon Planner has all the features you need to do a great job. An intuitive experience that will speed up your presentations.

Why design with pCon Planner?

  • It is professional
  • DWG is the native file format
  • Architecture Commands
  • It enters wall elements, such as doors, windows, glass panels or stairs
  • Advanced light features
  • Layer Manipulation
  • Access to thousands of real products and 3D pre-compositions through pCon.catalog
  • Enter generic accessories using Google’s 3D gallery
  • Create and record animations
  • Create amazing photo-realistic images
  • Create artistic images
  • Sharing projects via email and social networks



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pCon Planner


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