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sustainable development: an essential resource. Our sense of responsibility for the environment

Here at Bralco, we are committed to working in compliance with Laws and Regulations concerning the environment and safety in the workplace, and to constantly enhance our performance, in order to reduce our impact on the environment and prevent pollution.

We wish to make our Environmental Policy known to our employees and to the public. We will periodically update the environmental aspects and evaluate the impact on the environment resulting from the use of new raw materials, processes or plant upgrades from the start. We upgrade our plants using the best technology available; we foster our employees’ responsibility towards the environment with training and information programmes. We supply to external companies - which carry out the activities on the installation site - specific procedures to implement during the operations, and we verify the suppliers’ responsibility towards the environment by requesting sustainable products and services, compliant with environmental regulations. We ensure our cooperation to all public and private Institutions in charge of environmental protection and emergency prevention activities, by making an appropriate contribution to our role in our community.

Furthermore, we give high priority to the systematic evaluation of our environmental performance, to controlling and reducing energy and water consumption, monitoring and qualitatively improving our emissions into the atmosphere, researching and developing products with a low impact on the environment during their entire life cycle, reducing the quantity of waste produced and correctly managing the waste disposal, identifying and choosing raw materials with a low impact on the environment and preventing accidents and emergency situations.

In line with the principle of Sustainable Development, we deem this declaration as a primary commitment to carry out our activities and to obtain the certification pursuant to Standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

an environmental sound vision

The extension and upgrade of our production plant is carried out in compliance with our environmentally sustainable vision. We aim at optimizing the so called “mass balance” concerning the corporate production capacity: by optimizing the production line layout, it’s possible to reduce the product manufacturing times, with consequent reduction of energy consumption per product unity. At the same time, by streamlining the production site architecture, we were able to enhance the personnel safety and ergonomics in the workplace.

We have significantly enhanced the wellbeing of the corporate personnel, a necessary condition to have a sound and successful team.

There’s another important environmental aspect that we’ve always invested on: the nature of the panels used in our supplies. For several years now, we have joined the “Pannello Ecologico” Consortium, comprising a series of companies which produce and use panels made only of recycled wood, using environmentally sustainable materials. These panels are labelled with the brand “Pannello Ecologico - Garantito - 100% Legno riciclato” (Eco-friendly Panels - Guaranteed - 100% Recycled Wood). The panels used have been certified by qualified Institutions on their low formaldehyde emissions through lab tests, with consequent Class E1 classification.

The wood used comes from controlled and authorized forests, where biodiversity is respected. We do not employ wood coming from areas in the world with manifest human rights violations, nor illegally collected materials.

Similar assessments are carried out to choose the paint used in our production processes; in particular, our Technical Department has implemented a complex procedure to introduce H2O based paints in our production cycle. Our glues are applied in a closed-cycle production, in order to reduce waste. Production residues are redelivered to our certified suppliers, to be reused in the production process, or to be used as boiler fuel. chiuso” in modo da minimizzarne gli scarti. Gli scarti di produzione vengono riconsegnati ai nostri fornitori certificati per essere riconvogliati nel processo produttivo o, in ultima analisi, utilizzati come combustibile nelle caldaie.

improving our quality to grow

We annually identify a series of environmental management indicators to monitor the environmental sustainability of our company, paying attention to direct (related to our products and productive and logistic processes employed) and indirect environmental sustainability (energy and management consumption). Thanks to a combined monitoring of all these environmental aspects and a consequent continuous improvement applied to the same, we’re able to achieve the level of environmental sustainability required.

After defining the significant Environmental Aspects, through documented procedures, the same are periodically assessed, by identifying improvement goals that will be monitored in the following period. In case any “negative” variation of the environmental aspects is detected, the procedure includes the activation of corrective actions, to pursue a continuous improvement.

The results for the year 2016, compared to the results of the year 2015, are indicated below:

EcoSostenibilità - tabella

The data summarized above highlight how much effort we have put to improve our environmental sustainability, and we’re confident that these results will be further improved in the next years.


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