Each space requires its own furniture. Especially in the office. Be inspired and find out how best to furnish different workspaces.
Each Bralco collection is an innovative project that adds a new dimension to furniture and provides an original enhancement. Find out more.

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Essential and contemporary. Versatile and reconfigurable. Ergonomic and stylish. This is the s25 furniture collection. Gate, Polare and Winglet: three collections that express a whole new concept in the functionality and flexibility for desks and meeting tables.



Essential and contemporary. Flexible and re-configurable. Gates expresses a new concept of functionality through essential and contemporary forms. The line allows you to compose islands and workstations that are approachable and extendable, so you can set up modern and efficient operational and executive areas. It is a [...]


With the Polare line, Bralco brings the atmosphere and warmth of the home to the office. It is a furniture system that allows you to create presidential, operational and co-working environments.


Winglet is the most advanced ergonomic workstation system. It has a telescopic structure that can be reconfigured into three sizes, allowing users to change position frequently, so they can avoid sitting for many consecutive hours.The Winglet line is Bralco's response to the sedentary nature of office work.


Perfect for furnishing informal managerial offices and for giving that extra touch to operational workspaces, the s25 collection offers perfect furniture solutions also for the home office. Modular furniture and height-adjustable worktops express a practicality that focusses fully on people, without ever compromising aesthetics. Because well-being also comes from form. It is workspaces that should adapt to people – not the other way around.