Each space requires its own furniture. Especially in the office. Be inspired and find out how best to furnish different workspaces.
Each Bralco collection is an innovative project that adds a new dimension to furniture and provides an original enhancement. Find out more.

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Furniture alone is not enough to make a workspace welcoming and comfortable. In addition to receptions, Re.ac collection includes a range of Bralco-designed complements and accessories to make your office a more beautiful space to spend time in.


Complements and accessories


B-Sound sound-absorbing panels combine functionality and design in an innovative solution for acoustic comfort in offices. With a perfect combination of sophisticated design and high quality materials, B-Sound panels are designed to improve the working environment, showing how a functional element can also become a [...]


Lux is a celebration of light and minimalism. The perfect expression of elegance for reception areas, and is fully customizable with refined finishes such as Fenix and glass-ceramic. This Bralco-designed furniture piece assures your guests receive a welcome of distinction. The warm downlighting envelops the shelf [...]


Your reception are is your company’s business card: it showcases your business’s identity and values. At Bralco, we are well aware of the importance of this piece of furniture, so we’ve created a line of customisable solutions to ensure a look of great exclusivity to entrances and reception areas. Our reception [...]


Farm features large tops designed for informal meetings, natural surfaces with a textural effect and benches for informal seating. It’s a perfect range of furniture for offices and workplaces, offering a slightly unconventional finish and personality to create more relaxed settings that promote social [...]


Kubick glass is a wall system with perimeter profiles in white painted aluminium and tempered glass to ensure a solid and durable product. Myriad configuration options are possible, with or without a cable management plinth.


Flipper is the essential marker board for any workspace that aims to provide maximum convenience. It represents a key element for any business presentation and for sharing ideas and projects. Available in both moveable or wall-mounted versions, with or without integrated display, Flipper is your perfect ally to ensure [...]


Domomag is the Bralco kitchen line designed to meet the needs of those who inhabit the office every day. It is a modern and trending interpretation of the kitchen integrated into the work area, a response to the convivial needs of companies and workers. The Domomag style fits perfectly into any working environment, it [...]


Reception desks, compact kitchens for seamless integration into workspaces, marker board display units and coat hangers bring greater comfort to the office. Find them all in the re.ac collection, where accessories become stylish furnishing elements.